Happy Ramblings: Thanks for the nice Birthday surprise Google!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanks for the nice Birthday surprise Google!

Google Birthday cakes picture

I got a big surprise this morning when I turned on my computer and opened Internet Explorer to the Google Home Page. There was one of those lovely Google pictures above the search section with a Birthday theme. I thought it was a lovely coincidence and wondered who had a birthday on the same day as mine.


Happy Birthday Message to me from Google

I moved my cursor over the picture of Birthday cakes...and the message said "Happy Birthday Rose!"
I laughed thinking this really was a great coincidence with me using the name Rose for my blog.


I clicked on the Google birthday picture to find out whose birthday their picture really was for....

and look what popped up on my screen!

My eyes popped out of my head.

...it was me!

Happy Ramblings Blogger Blog Profile

Thanks Google for making my day!



  1. Happy birthday to you! This was really a nice surprise!
    Greetings from Austria!

    1. Hi Petra, Thank you very much :) It is lovely to see you here all the way from Austria. It is such a beautiful country. I visited Austria almost 30 years ago and also remember wonderful cakes, and chocolate too!