Happy Ramblings: Santa sack surprise - presents for myself this year

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa sack surprise - presents for myself this year

With great anticipation I opened my Santa sack this Christmas Eve, I couldn't wait until Christmas morning.

With the Christmas money and birthday money, that I was given last Christmas and birthday, I bought little gifts for myself throughout the year to put in my Santa sack. It is always a surprise for me when I open my Santa sack to see what I put in it, especially things that I bought earlier in the year. This just shows how good my memory is lol.

I have a rule that once I put something into my Santa sack, I am not allowed to take it out again until Christmas. And definately no peeking, or feeling the santa sack to remind myself of what is in it throughout the year. This meant I had some duplicates this year which I will put back in the Santa sack for next year :)

The contents of my Santa sack were:

- 2 pairs of fluffy bed socks from Marks and Spencer

- a bar each of Bennett's lemon and passionfruit chocolate

- a bar of white chocolate with dessicated raspberries in

- a box of Bennett's assorted chocolates

- 3 Lush batch bombs ("Golden Wonder", "Father Christmas" and "Snow White Batch Ballistics")

- 4 L'Occitane bubble baths (Pivoine Flora, Verbena, Rose 4 Reines and Lavande)

- 2 L'Occitane Savon Bonne Mere soaps

- a L'Occitane Pivione Flora Peonie chaped soap

- a Fioentino Rosa soap

- 2 Body shop soaps (Satsuma and Strawberry)

- a Michel Design Works Lemon Basil soap

- a L'Occitane Cinnamon Orange soap

- a Citrus heart-shaped soap

- a Bennett's chocolate frog

- a Michel Design Works book notepad

Phew, that is a lot this year! I have a really big smile on my face.

Now I can't wait until Christmas Day tomorrow to give everyone else their presents. I always want to give Christmas presents as soon as I wrap them.

I hope that you have managed to spoil yourself a little this Christmas and if not this year, then next year :)

Have a safe and Merry Christmas,

Love Rose x

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