Happy Ramblings: A laugh for today

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A laugh for today

I couldn't resist sharing this cute photo with you.

I laughed so much when I saw Guido, my Siamese cat, asleep with the 2 wild Mallard ducks! This made a great start to my day. I am absolutely, definately, not a morning person and was struggling to wake up and get out of bed. Then I heard mum urgently calling me to come quickly to see Guido.

I thought at first that something terrible had happened to him, so I rushed into the kitchen, my head spinning from the shock of getting up so fast. Mum was pointing out of the kitchen window, laughing, saying that I had to see this, quickly!

There was Guido absolutely fast asleep with 2 ducks!

I have no idea whether the ducks had settled down to sleep there first or Guido. Guido quite often walks among birds and for some reason he has no interest in chasing them and birds are not afraid of him.

We used to feed a flock of Malaysia spotted doves which often visited. Guido was fascinated by them and followed them around in circles just a couple of feet away. He would then sit in the middle of the flock, mesmerised, while the doves pecked the ground around him.

Maybe these two ducks were too boring for him and the effort of watching them was too much. Or maybe he is just not a morning person like me lol.

I couldn't decide on a title for the photo. I came up with these ideas:

- Truce
- Who arrived first?
- Strange bed fellows
- Best Friends
- End of duck hunting season

Can you think of a funnier one?



  1. I think this should be made into a poster, it's precious! Guido is priceless!

    1. Thanks :) Guido is an amazing cat. He will be 17 on January 20th!