Happy Ramblings: A wild flower meadow next door

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A wild flower meadow next door

Paddock full of blue chicory flowers

Imagine my surprise when I drove down our drive on my way to work, and saw my next-door neighbour's front paddock filled to the brim with large blue flowers. One day no flowers, then the next day a sea of blue!

Field full of blue chicory flowers

I thought I was seeing things at first, so I slowed my car down and stopped by the mail box to have a closer look. And sure enough, there they were, the prettiest blue flowers, everywhere I looked. Even though I was running late I hopped out of the car for a closer inspection.

I couldn't figure out what the flowers were. I thought at first it was blue linum which flowers on our land. But these flowers were much too big to be linum.

I puzzled about it all day. Then I remembered that a few years ago some of these flowers appeared in our vegetable patch. It was chicory. A whole field full of it.

I decided that I would take some photos of the chicory flowers when I got home from work. I couldn't wait. It was a lovely sunny day with blue skies, perfect.

But...when I got home I couldn't see any flowers in next door's field. I wondered what on earth had happened to them. Surely I didn't imagine them in the morning. Maybe they were flowers that just opened for one day and that was it? I was so dissapointed that I had missed photographing them.

Blue chicory flower meadow

The next day there they were again...a field full of bright blue flowers! But I hadn't got my camera with me and I didn't have time to go back and get it because I was on my way to work again.

It then rained for a few days, so on the next fine morning I was prepared. I had my camera with me, and I caught the little blighters unawares and got pictures of them with their flowers open hehe.

Close up picture of chicory flower

I don't know whether the chicory was sown there intentionally to make a wild flower meadow, or if it seeded itself there. I would have really loved to go for a walk amongst the flowers. But yesterday my neighbour put his horses there to graze...such a shame. I am so glad that I managed to take these photos just in time.

See you again very soon xxx

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