Happy Ramblings: Oscar my kamikaze cat

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oscar my kamikaze cat

Gray cat with white bib in tree
Here is Oscar in his favourite spot...up a tree. He loves trees. The higher the better.

When he goes for walks with me and we get near a tree, he gets very excited and runs up as high as he can, really really fast, without thinking. He then runs back down the trunk head first and leaps out from 20 feet up!

When he adopted us, as a stray starving young kitten, he leapt out of a gum tree on our first walk which ended up badly. He landed on a branch poking upwards. My heart stopped...luckily he only had a few broken ribs, but he was sore for months and it stopped him from being able to purr properly.

He is fine now and still stupid about trees. He didn't learn from his accident and still leaps out of them! I don't go near trees when he goes for walks with me now because he just gets too excited. It worries me silly seeing him leap out of them.

He has really short stubby legs. I wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with his love of leaping out of trees!

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