Happy Ramblings: A week full of smiles

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A week full of smiles

A beautiful photo of my lovely cat Ginger

Lots of smiles when my cat Ginger sat next to me under the plum tree while I read a book after work. He then posed beautifully for this photo.

a cup of tea, jam on toast and bottled peaches for breakfast

A leisurely breakfast before work. Some delicious Anatoth raspberry jam on toast, peaches and English Breakfast tea.

After reading a post on delicious breakfasts by +Emma C on her Adventures of a London Kiwi blog, my New Year's resolution was to make what I eat for breakfast more interesting. Thanks for the idea Emma.

As you can see I need to work on this. Usually I have a bowl of Ready Brek (instant porridge), which I do love. But I was eating it every day!!! So this is a start. And the fruit is adventurous for me first thing in the morning, even if it was out of a tin haha.

a colonised clump of yellow canna lilies in my garden

I found a huge clump of yellow canna lilies in my garden that I thought had perished. They look really cheerful mingled with a native purple flowering shrub. Lovely contrasting colours.

a snack of Sushi

An afternoon Sushi snack. Yum! Need I say more :)

My Siamese cat Guido almost 17 years old

Guido my gorgeous Bluepoint Siamese cat sat with me under the plum tree the next day. He will be 17 years old on the 20th January!

a plate of little cakes for afternoon tea

A fun afternoon tea at the Langham Hotel with my 90 year old Great Aunty and her sister who were visiting from Canada. (More to follow in another post).

Strawberry and cream sweets, Marshmallow lip balm and cat note pad

The arrival of a courier parcel from my brother and his fiancee with these cute Birthday presents for me yesterday. Lots of pretty and yummy things!

Beautiful carrier bag made of hessian

And another courier parcel arrived, also from my brother and his fiancee! A beautiful handmade hessian and string tote bag with printed birds and flowers on. So cool, and eco-friendly too! I can't wait to use it.

bouquet of red roses and white calla lilies

Huge smiles yesterday when a colleague gave me this amazing bunch of red roses and creamy green calla lilies. The roses have the most beautiful scent. I kept sticking my nose in them all afternoon at work. They are now sitting on my bedside table and my room smells wonderful.

my desk full of birthday cards

And a desk full of pretty birthday cards!

I hope that your week was full of smiles too. xxx


  1. your pussy cats are beautiful, especially the fluffy Ginger. Do they have cool personalities?

    Thank you for the lovely mention!
    I can't wait to see how you enjoyed tea at the Langham!
    Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Thank you :)

      All of our 3 cats love to go for walks for me. I just have to say the word "walk" and they all go running to the door ahead of me. Ginger is a big softie and purrs so loud that you can hear him from the other end of the house. He will purr like that for 3 hours straight, like he doesn't know where the off switch is. It is like having someone snoring in the house. Ginger has diabetes, so we give him insulin injections twice a day. He is really good and sits and lets us with no fuss. He loves to bring me live things to play with in the middle of the night and meows like mad until I see what he is up to.

      Guido, the Siamese cat, is very intelligent. He knows how to open windows, even the ones with 2 catches. So we can't leave him in the house when we go out in case he lets someone in! He plays real hide-and-seek with me. We take turns to hide and search. He does somersaults, plays fetch, opens cupboards, empties cupboards, empties drawers if they are left slightly open, knocks books one by one off bookshelves to get attention, taps me on the shoulder for attention, wants cuddles all the time and has long conversations with us. He sleeps in my arms at night, but only if I am lying on my right. If I am lying on my left he will tap me on the shoulder continuously until I roll over. He has me well trained!

      Oscar is a kamikaze cat. He runs up high trees and then when he wants to come down he runs down the trunk head first, then he just leaps out from 20 feet up! Because of this I avoid going near trees when he goes for walks with me. It worries me silly seeing him leap from them. He also loves eating used tea bags and ants. If he sees a line of ants he will go along the line and gobble them up. I think these eating habits started from when he was living in the wild before I found him eating off our compost heap.

  2. Cats are the bosses - mine likes to sleep on my chest sometimes. If I'm on my side she will touch my face with her wet nose until I'm more suitable arranged.

    They sound like fabulous cats! I love that you walk them.

    1. I deinfately agree that cats rule the house. They have us well trained!

      They love going for walks with me. All three of them will find me if I go into the garden without calling them and then will follow me everywhere. We have a favourite seat under a pepper tree and they all sit with me there. A few weeks ago we were all there and I heard a loud "quack!" I turned around and found Quackers the wild Mallard duck that I feed by the house had come to join us too! I cracked up laughing. When I walked back to the house all of them followed me back in a long line. First Oscar, then Guido...then a bit of a gap...then Quackers the duck followed by Ginger! Quackers hopped onto the deck and stood by the window waiting to be fed.

  3. Our cat likes to play chasing around the house, just like a little dog; and then hide under the bed to catch ankles with her paw.
    Just gorgeous!