Happy Ramblings: Inside my brother's Colonial Edwardian-style villa

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Inside my brother's Colonial Edwardian-style villa

Seating area in the Dining room with an antique piano

My brother and his wife designed their house themselves to look like a Colonial Edwardian villa. They used reproduction fittings and beautiful reclaimed wooden floor boards. It looks so authentic! I like to visit historical homes around the city, but this one is better...I can sit on the furniture and pick things up to look at them here!

Their piano sits in a little alcove in the dining room and is really beautiful. It is an antique made of walnut and is still in perfect pitch. It is lovely to sit here and chat.

Wooden mantlepiece surround and tiled fireplace

On the other side of the room is a reproduction tiled fireplace which is so pretty.

Mosaic Edwardian tiled entry

The floor of the main entrance is covered with patterened tiles and my sister-in-law has lovely displays of flowers there and throughout the house.

blue floral William Morris curtains in bedroom

Here are some more beautiful flowers in the front bedroom. And lovely William Morris curtains...I wish I could have these in my bedroom!

rocking horse and Iron beadstead

And a rocking horse! When I was little my best friend had a rocking horse like this in her room. I have great memories of the hours that we spent playing with it.

Persian runner in hall

Here is the long hallway with reclaimed rimu wooden floorboards which are about 100 years old. The Persian-style runner on the floor reminds me of the Edwardian house that we lived in in England.

Edwardian style bedroom with four poster bed

This is the master bedroom which has a wooden four poster bed in. And yet more of those beautiful flowers sitting on a little table in the bay window!

brown leather sofa and armchairs

And finally here is the sitting room with more William Morris curtains.

As you can see I really like visiting my brother and sister-in-law. The company, the food and the surroundings are a real treat for me.

In my next post I will give you a tour of the garden and introduce you to their new foal. Until next time. xxx


  1. Wow.What a house.Does your sister in law clean it herself or does she have help?Looking forward to seeing the garden.

    1. Hi Beejay, she has a team of cleaners that come in to help her. Her work at home keeps her extremely busy, so it is great that she doesn't have to worry about the house.

  2. Gorgeous home, and still very homely!

    1. It is so comfortable that I can really relax there.

  3. Beautiful home, how fun to be able to spend time there!

  4. I am loving the floor tiles in the main entrance.

    1. Me too. I didn't manage to get all of the tiled area into the photo. The tiled area is a square, so you can sort of imagine what it is like.

  5. Beautiful home but not too keen on the leather furniture. Otherwise it’s a lovely, thought out Victorian home.