Happy Ramblings: Brilliant 12 Days of Christmas present

Friday, December 28, 2012

Brilliant 12 Days of Christmas present

Lush 12 Days of Christmas gift box
 My brother and his wife gave me such a fun gift for Christmas. It is a 12 Days of Christmas gift box from Lush, full of lots of bathtime goodies. There is one thing for each of the 12 days of Christmas. They are very colourful and smell like a sweet shop. I wasn't sure about them at first until I tried using them.
I tried the ones below first:
Father Christmas Ballistic, Santa's Sack Bubble Bar and Party Popper Bath Ballistic
1. On Christmas morning I ran my bath, hopped in and added the Father Christmas Bath Ballistic (the one on the left). All was well at first, lots of fizzing and white frothing. Bright red then started pouring out with piles of white foam. Then bronze glitter....huuuuuuuge bronze glitter....tonnes of it! Followed by lots of deep green fizz. The ball whizzed around the bath releasing a lovely tangerine scent. But oh, noooooo, tonnes more glitter. Glitter everywhere and the bath had turned a dark moss green. Very reminiscent of pond algae and I was sitting in it. I sat there, covered in glitter, in shock. (I am laughing so much as I am writing this!). I tried to wipe the glitter off me with a flannel, but it was stuck tight. Oh nooooo....I was getting ready to go to my brother's house for Christmas lunch....and I looked like some horrible bronze tanning experiment gone wrong! I sat there for a little while longer not wanting to waste the bath bomb, but enough was enough and I hopped into the shower to scrub the glitter off. But the glitter didn't want to come off....oh no...it was there to stay. You know what glitter is like, stubborn stuff. After 15 minutes I managed to get most of it off me. That was probably the cleanest my skin has ever been!

2. On Boxing Day I decided to try the Santa's Sack Bubble Bar (the one in the middle). But this time I was more cautious. I crumbled it in the bath, per the instructions, and watched and waited. The water turned a lovely pink and was covered in a layer of white foam. The room was filled with the smell of fruit. I was happy.
(I didn't realise that I was supposed to have broken out and reserved the two "gifts" from the sack to use for two more baths....oh well....next time).
3. On the 27th I tried the Party Popper Bath Ballistic (the pink and blue cone on the right). It whizzed wildly around the bath as it fizzed, releasing bright blue and pink swirls of foam and little bits of orange soap confetti. It smelt lovely. The bath water then turned a very pretty light lavender colour. Happy again.
4. This morning I spent ages deciding which one I was going to try next:
Gifts inside my Lush 12 Days of Christmas present
I finally decided on the Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic. And this time decided to take photos of what happened. Again there was no way that I was going to hop into the bath until I knew the result.
This one fizzed quietly, releasing yellow colour at first. Then a few blobs of pink followed by light blue. It reminded me of chemistry experiments at school, and toxic waste haha. The water finally turned a lovely turquiose colour with little yellow soap stars floating in some white froth. (If you click on the collage below, you can just see the little stars in the top right photo). The stars slowly dissolved and I hopped in the bath. I was surprised to find that the water was swirling and shimmering with very fine gold dust. It was very pretty and didn't stick to my skin. I enjoyed this bath very much. I can't wait until tomorrow to try my next bath.
 See you again soon. Hugs xxx


  1. Hi.I am a visitor from N Wales saying "hello".I love your idea of building up a sack for xmas during the year.what a brilliant idea.I think I shall do it for me and my hubby for next year because we will be on our own.

    1. Hi busybusybeejay, Lovely to see you here :) Making Santa sacks is really fun to do. I think you will both have a great time. You can also pop an extra surprise in your hubbies one without him knowing! xxx

  2. That is fun..the glitter would have been a bit of a nuisance though:)

  3. Hi Monique, I had such a fun time using these that I buy a few bath bombs for myself every year. The glitter was difficult to remove from the bath, as well as from me! But it was funny.