Happy Ramblings: A flurry of decorated sugar snowflakes

Monday, December 24, 2012

A flurry of decorated sugar snowflakes

Phew! It's been a very busy week preparing for Christmas. But I still managed to find time to play with making these pretty little sugar snowflakes :)

I searched the net for snowflake decoration ideas for my Christmas cake and found many recipes for Snowflake cookies. But I didn't think they would taste right with a fruit cake. I really liked the look of them though, so I put my thinking cap on. I remembered making little hard sugar mice when I was little. So I Googled sugar mice recipes and found a very similar one. They are made using icing sugar, egg white and golden syrup and are very easy to make. I used a rolling pin to roll the mixture out and then cut the snowflakes out with cookie cutters. Then the snowflakes were left overnight to set rock hard. Perfect for what I wanted.
Turquoise and white decorated sugar snowflakes

I used Royal icing and a number 2 icing nozzle to decorate the snowflakes with. My first attempts at decorating the snowflakes were a disaster. It is easier to pipe patterns with straight lines than curved ones. At first I used patterns that I saw on the net. Then suddenly became inspired and more patterns just popped into my head. It was really cool! I would have gone on all evening, except my piping bag burst with a huge bang making me jump out of my skin. I had squeezed too hard and the side seam split open.

Here are the recipes that I used to make the decorated sugar snowflakes.

Tonight we are having our Christmas Eve dinner (a Polish tradition). It is going to be a cold meal with all our favourite summer foods.

All the presents are wrapped and ready to give. The grocery shopping is all done and the house is decorated, apart from putting the candles on my red and gold Christmas tree. Don't worry, I don't light them, they are just for decoration. I found the clip-on Christmas tree candle holders on Ebay from Latvia and red German candles to go in them. We used to light candles on our Christmas tree when I was little. They looked magical. Luckily the tree never caught fire!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope that you are enjoying your preparations as much as I am xxx

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