Happy Ramblings: Addicted to vintage glass Christmas tree ornaments

Monday, December 17, 2012

Addicted to vintage glass Christmas tree ornaments

Antique German glass silver Christmas tree ornaments

Have you ever been so totally absorbed in something that weeks flew by without you even noticing? This happened to me while I was hunting for vintage glass Christmas tree ornaments over the past month on the internet. It was so much fun that I was quite addicted. Only the threat of my quickly depleting bank balance broke the spell! These are photos of some of the things that I bought.

Vintage German glass teal blue Christmas tree decorations
Some of the decorations that I saw were identical to those that we hung on our Christmas tree when I was little. And a lot of the silver baubles in the top picture are similar to those that dad had in Poland before the war. It brought back many vivid memories. It is amazing how little balls of coloured glass can make you so sentimental.
I became quite nostalgic wanting to copy a white Christmas tree, that we used to have, which was covered with turquoise baubles. I also wanted to add some silver sparkle. So many pretty things to choose from!

Then followed days of holding my breath waiting for my decorations to arrive from Germany. They arrived in one piece, all packaged very carefully. My 2 foot high table top Christmas tree from America arrived shortly after.

Tonight after dinner I will be decorating my tree........very happy :)

See you again soon. xxx


  1. Beautiful baubles, it does make you feel so Christmassy once all the baubles are up!

    1. Hi Emma, Thanks :) I wish I could keep them up all year lol. It must be so beautiful in London with all the decorations lit up in the street. I hope that you are enjoying your time there.

  2. I love vintage ornaments. I've collected a few here and there for years.

    Yours are all lovely, but that first box....Wow.

    1. Hi Carole, The first box is my favourite too. I haven't been able to find any like them since, but I am still looking :) Have a great Christmas!

  3. Hi Monique, Thank you. These are very special to me :)