Happy Ramblings: Santa Sack - 15 essential Christmas gifts for me

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Sack - 15 essential Christmas gifts for me

I am a big kid at heart and still like the excitement of opening a Santa Sack at Christmas. But this is a Santa Sack with a twist.....

A few years ago I decided to make a Santa Sack for myself to open at Christmas. This way I could be certain to receive what I really like and enjoy :) My Santa Sack is actually a red pillowcase. I chose a pillowcase to use because that is what we used to receive our presents from Father Christmas in when we were children.

So from the beginning of each year I start collecting little things to put in my Santa Sack. Once I have put something in it I leave it there until Christmas. No peeping. No reminding myself of what is in there. Gradually over the year my Santa Sack becomes fuller and by Christmas it is almost overflowing!

I had a lot of fun opening my Santa sack this Christmas. I had forgotten about a lot of the things I had put into it, especially from earlier in the year, so it was a nice surprise, and I still loved them all.

There were 15 presents inside:

1.   2013 Cat Tales Calendar with amusing illustrations by Charles Wysocki
2.   Large box of yummy Bassetts Jelly Babies
3.   Box of The Fruit Tree Oranges & Lemons fruit jelly slices
4.   Toile de Jouy padded coat hangers
5.   Some spending money, nicely gift-wrapped, to spend as I like during my 3 week Christmas
      holiday this year.
6.   A large box of Thornton's Fruit & Nut Special Toffee....yuuuuum! A colleague brought this back
      from England for me on request. She asked me if there was anything that I would like her
      buy while she was there.
7.   Box of Belgian Cherry Liqueur chocolates
8.   Bottle of  L'Occitane Lavender Harvest Foaming Bath
9.   Bottle of L'Occitane 4 Reines Rose Bath and Shower Gel
10. Bottle of L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel
11. L'Occitane 4 Reines Rose Bath Powder. It took me ages to track some of this down as L'Occitane
      have stopped producing it.
12. Emily Button Mousey to sit on my desk :)
13. Kirsty Allsopp House Jotter Box containing memo notes for my desk
14. Kirsty Allsopp sticky notes set for my desk
15. A heart shaped box of French chocolate truffles

My sister and dad gave me money for Christmas this year which is great. I will be using it to fill my Santa sack for next Christmas. And it is so much fun finding nice things throughout the year. I like finding little things that I like just as much as using them.


  1. that's a lovely things, great i want too :D L'occitane it must be expensive here

    1. Hi Dwi, it is lovely to see you here :) L'Occitane is a special treat for me. It is very expensive in New Zealand. But I buy it a lot cheaper online through Strawberrynet.com All my friends and sister also buy things from there because they don't charge you shipping either!