Happy Ramblings: Last minute Christmas cake recipe (part 1)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last minute Christmas cake recipe (part 1)

Mid Winter Christmas Cake

I was so absorbed in creating this new blog that I totally forgot to make my Christmas cake! Oh noooooo, major panic. Then I remembered that I have a delicious and moist mid-Winter Christmas cake recipe which I usually make in July, our coldest month in New Zealand when we celebrate mid-Winter Christmas.

Mid-Winter Christmas is a popular tradition here which gives us that wonderful experience of having a Christmas in Winter, as the days are colder and it gets dark earlier. At this time people here have full Christmas dinner parties (minus the presents) and you can even have Christmas dinners in restaurants. Many shops display their Christmas decorations and public mid-Winter Christmas events are organised. What could be better than having Christmas twice a year!

Sooooo, last night I found my recipe and soaked the fruit mixture in brandy, ready to make the cake today. Phew, just in time! This cake doesn't need to mature and is really nice eaten even on the same day that it is baked.

The cake turned out really well and I decided to sprinkle it with some brandy, which I don't normally do, and let it absorb overnight......well, it is Christmas. Today I glazed the cake with melted apricot jam, then covered it with a layer of marzipan and iced it with Royal icing.

Here is the recipe that I use, plus I have written some helpful hints and anecdotes. Click on the arrow to open the recipe book and then flick through the pages.
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At the moment I am making icing sugar snowflakes to go on the cake for a final Christmassy flourish. I have been having lots of messy fun with snowflake cookie cutters, aqua tinting and new icing bag and nozzles that I bought today. I will write about it in my next post.

If you need more information on how to make this cake, just post a comment with your question and I will try to help.

Until next time xxx.

Edit: You can see Part 2 here which shows the recipe without using Smilebox and also Part 3 here which includes the Royal icing recipe. Enjoy :)


  1. Love your new blog and enjoyed watching you photographing the different stages of making the Christmas cake. It looks lovely and tasted even better.

    Love mum xxx