Happy Ramblings: My silver and turquoise Christmas tree in progress

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My silver and turquoise Christmas tree in progress

Christmas tree being decorating with vintage decorations in progress

Being surrounded with antique and vintage Christmas tree decorations was total bliss yesterday. Choosing where to place each one on my little white tree took quite a bit of thought. But I had just the right number of ornaments and colours for the effect I wanted (big grin). Just imagine the ecstasy if I had a 6 foot tree to decorate!

I also had loads of fun today after discovering the free PicMonkey photo editor, as you can see with my collage here. I experimented with all the different photo editing options. It was really easy to learn how to use and there were funny hints when I didn't quite get things right, like the error message below:

You can see a glimpse of my finished tree in the picture behind the error message! I will post photos of it next. Ooooooooh, and I got another little parcel in the post today! Thanks for stopping by xxx

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