Happy Ramblings: Another successful wildflower garden!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another successful wildflower garden!

I am so happy. My no-dig wildflower garden plan worked :)

Everything has grown so well that the taller plants, which should have come up much later, have dwarfed the smaller ones. But it still looks pretty.

The honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies are certainly not complaining! The place is alive with insects flying from flower to flower. And it is lovely to hear the humming of the bees with the cicadas chirruping.

The cornflowers did really well, they have grown to mid chest height. The packet of seeds that I chose did say that they were tall cornflowers, but I have never seen anything like it before. The cornflowers I have grown in the past in flower beds only grew to thigh height at the most.

I found that Toadflax is brilliant to grow in a wildflower patch. It is the first to germinate and the first to flower and provides shelter for the other seeds and plants which will eventually grow taller.

These little red Coreopsis flowers are gorgeous and they look and feel like velvet. So sumptuous.

Here you can see the cornflowers starting to grow higher than the toadflax. Amazingly the toadflax is still flowering in amongst the taller flowers even though they have almost been smothered by them

I think that this flower is vipers bugloss? A few of them have grown from a mixed seed pack which didn't list the plants included in it. Any ideas?

The Shirley poppies are definately the favourites with the bees. It is quite funny watching the very large fuzzy bumble bees landing on the smaller poppy flowers. The flowers bend almost down to the ground under the weight of the bees.

I am waiting for all of the yellow cosmos to open now. Hopefully the blue cornflowers and red coreopsis will still be flowering then :)

(you can look here to read about the beginnings of my wildflower garden).

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Rose x

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