Happy Ramblings: A pleasant morning at the local market

Friday, January 31, 2014

A pleasant morning at the local market

We have a lovely little local market once a month in our village. I am so lucky that it is located at the end of my road. It's really fun to go to. There are all sorts of stalls from different foods to clothes, books, jewellery...so many different things.

Here are few of the stalls that really stood out on my last visit:

This stall sold amazing sauces and they let me try samples....Yum!

The colours of these tea cosies are so gorgeous. I really liked the multicoloured turquoise and orange srtipey one. It is a pity that my teapot is too big for them.

It would be fun to make a tea cosy myself, all I need is to find a pattern and pretty wools...hmmmm...another project for me sometime?

These tartlets were made by a French baker and they looked so delicious. My favourites are the strawberry ones.

I loved these adorable wooden building collages, so colourful!

There is always something new to see at the market each month. One time there was a sea shell stall and I bought quite a few shells and sea urchins to add to my growing collection.

And there is always a van there selling speciality cheeses. My favourite cheese at the moment is Old Amsterdam Gouda...my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Here's to hoping that we have good weather for the next market.

See you soon,


Rose x

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