Happy Ramblings: My sister's New Zealand country house (Part 1)

Monday, February 3, 2014

My sister's New Zealand country house (Part 1)

Here is part one of two photo tours of my sister's country house in New Zealand. It is in a lovely peaceful location on 2.5 acres of land. Her house is so beautiful.

The sitting room although huge feels warm and cosy with the colour scheme that my sister chose. The walls are painted in a warm terracotta colour.

My sister uses the large ficus tree in the corner as a Christmas tree each year. When all the family goes there for Christmas dinner we all put our Christmas presents underneath it, to be opened after dinner, it is great fun.

The hallway, dining room, laundry and kitchen all have beautiful solid oak floors. It hasn't been known until now that I sometimes slide along the hall with my socks on when nobody is looking :) Hopefully my sister won't read this, hehe!

The dining room walls are painted in a deep burgundy colour and is only lit by a side lamp and candles on the table. Very snug.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos. There will be more coming soon.


Rose x

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