Happy Ramblings: My thrifty bedroom makeover continues

Friday, February 7, 2014

My thrifty bedroom makeover continues

Here are a few more vignettes of my thrifty bedroom transformation.

I found this lovely picture frame in my favourite thrift shop for $2. I thought it would be perfect in my room. It was quite funny because when my mother saw it in the shop she didn't like it as it had an awful picture in. However when I showed the frame to mum again with the picture of the butterfly in she loved it :) The butterfly picture only cost me in ink and paper as I printed it from the internet.

The tiny fishbowl vase was half price at $6 from a local shop, and I picked the beautiful blue cornflowers from my wildflower bed.

I already had the little ceramic sea urchin tealight candle holder which had been put away as it was broken. Just a bit of super glue and it is like new again.

I am very happy with how this little scene turned out :)

Then I hung a pretty night dress on a padded coathanger behind my door to finish off that corner. They were both presents.

I found this auricula painting on the internet and printed a copy to fit a frame that I already had. I think this picture is gorgeous.

Here it is, my new picture, hung on the wall.

On my wardrobe door handle I hung a pyjama case which my sister gave to me with some gorgeous pyjamas from Wallace cotton. My sister said that the pyjama case was free!

Then I added a little white metal bird ornament, which is really a Christmas tree decoration, that I bought for $5.

And the thrifty makeover continues...

See you soon.


Rose x

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