Happy Ramblings: Arranging Christmas decorations on my desk

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Arranging Christmas decorations on my desk

I enjoyed myself this evening decorating my desk for Christmas and lighting candles.

My cat Oscar supervised the proceedings as always.

I swapped things around here and there until everything felt right.

And here is the final arrangement on my desk.

I love the little silver mercury glass tealight holders that I found on Ebay a few weeks ago. And I thought the shape of the starfish looked Christmassy too. They seem to fit in with Christmas in summer.

Yesterday was spent writing Christmas cards and wrapping all of the presents while listening to Christmas music on YouTube. I can't wait to give the presents to everyone. I gave mum hers a few weeks ago, but I have something else to give her at Christmas :)

I hope that you are enjoying your week.


Rose x


  1. WE should always think about making our surroundings peaceful :) Well done.