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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas from Rose - Happy Ramblings blog

It has been a year since my last post, yet it only feels like yesterday. Time passes so quickly. I hope that the year went well for you and that you have time to stop and enjoy the coming holidays.

I finished all of my shopping yesterday for our Christmas Eve dinner and all the presents are wrapped and waiting to be given out on Christmas day. The shops were getting crazy yesterday, even at 8.00 o'clock in the morning, the supermarket was packed. Plus I had to wait for parking at Farro, my favourite delicatessen for all things Christmas.

It is 27 C outside at the moment. It doesn't feel hot as there is a lovely breeze and it isn't humid. Perfect weather for me for Christmas. Usually I feel really hot at this time of the year and don't want to do anything but lounge around the house because of the heat.

I have a rather meagre Santa Sack for myself this year as I had to be very frugal due to not working. I think that I have 4 items in my Santa Sack which I put in at the beginning of the year. Plus Mum has snuck something into it too which is really fun.

During the run-up to Christmas I went to a candle-making party like last year. I enjoyed it very much. I made 2 candles and a tea-light out of soy wax and scented them with citrus peel fragrance. I chose silver-plated engraved metal containers this time. I liked them so much that I kept one for myself. The other is being given as a Christmas present.

Have a wonderful Christmas-time and take care on the roads. Hope to catch up with you again soon.

Lots of hugs

Rose x


  1. Have a lovely Christmas..and may 2018 bless you😇

    1. Dear Monique, Thank you very much :) It is lovely to see you visiting here again, I love your blog. I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas.
      Hugs Rose x