Happy Ramblings: My thrifty bedside table makeover

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My thrifty bedside table makeover

This month I decided to do a makeover of my bedroom to make it look more restful, but I wanted to see if I could do it frugally.

Here is the thrifty makeover of my bedside table. The lamp and escritoire remain in the same place as before and I kept the cane table. I bought the distressed painted wirework candle holder from a Thrift shop for $2, cleaned it up and put a candle inside it that I already had. It was a perfect fit! The little box with the bird and nest picture on holds note cards and was a Christmas present.

The picture frame on the other side of the table was also a Thrift shop find for $1. The glass just needed cleaning up and I didn't mind that the pressed flowers had faded as they match my decor. I printed the bunny picture that I put in the frame from the internet.

The white ceramic trinket box was a candle holder with a candle inside that I was given a few years ago. In front of this I have placed a L'Occitane soap which was also a Christmas present. You can see the soap in the next photo.

On the bottom shelf of the table I placed a while oval bowl which is actually a platter from the kitchen. I decided to keep the bowl empty as there was so much on top of the table. Quite often I will collect different items from around the house and re-arrange them in different rooms giving them different uses.

I really enjoyed myself with this makeover and have been working on little changes in different parts of my bedroom.

Lots of smiles and hugs,

Rose x


  1. I really like the lamp. Where did that come from?

    1. Dear Deborah, Thank you. I bought it from a shop here in New Zealand called The Warehouse for only $10. They had the same lamp also with white frosted glass as well, but I preferred the sea foam green as it reminds me of the sea glass I used to find at the seaside when I lived in England. The lamp is great because it is a touch lamp with 3 brightness settings. All I need to do is touch any part that is metal and the lamp turns on, then touch it again and it gets brighter.