Happy Ramblings: Spring has arrived in my garden

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spring has arrived in my garden

Spring is here and all the bulbs are flowering which puts a big smile on my face. Spring came quite early this year. It has been very wet, I don't remember so much rainfall before, but the plants are loving it.

The golden African daisies (arctotis) began flowering a few weeks ago. I have been deadheading them this year because I read that they will continue flowering until Autumn if I do. Each arctotis flower only lasts for 2 days, so that will be a lot of deadheading for me!

The purple babiana is flowering well. I have quite a few large clumps of it now which I plan to divide in the Autumn and spread them through the arctotis. I like the combination of gold and purple flowers.

The white onion weed is spreading rapidly, I won't be pulling it out as I like the look of it, it reminds me a bit of snowdrops. Just a pity it smells of onions, so not any good for picking and putting in a vase.

My white hellebores are putting on a great show again. When I cleared out the large dead leaves I found hundreds of tiny hellebore seedlings. I need to find another shady place to plant them in.

The multi-coloured ixia flowers have just started to open. They look lovely waving about in the breeze.

This mass of pink frothy succulents has been flowering for weeks now. I have forgotten the name of this plant?

And here are some of my bluebells flowering. I love their scent, just like hyacinths.

I am enjoying these flowers while I wait for the soggy land to dry up a bit. I want to have a large area of paddock ploughed over so that I can sow my wildflower seeds that I bought last year. I can't wait.

looking forward to seeing you here again.

Hugs Rose.

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