Happy Ramblings: From 50 Ixia bulbs to thousands of flowers

Sunday, October 23, 2016

From 50 Ixia bulbs to thousands of flowers

I started this wild flower area many years ago and planted just 50 ixia bulbs in it. Now the ixia have taken over. It is surprisingly one of the last surviving plants in this spot. It gives a splendid display of thousands of flowers now and takes little, if no, looking after. I let the plants happily seed themselves after flowering and just mow around the edges to keep the garden in check.

This is a view from the ixia bed across to the pond. It is my favourite place to sit in the Spring time. I like to watch the flowers blowing about in the gentle breeze and watch the birds flying overhead from here.

And this is my old garden seat which has now been put into retirement because one of the legs rusted through.

Yesterday we bought a new garden bench seat which dad assembled today. I will have to photograph it to show you, it looks great in its new position. I am very happy with it and so are my cats who like to sit with me.

I am hoping that the flowers will continue putting on their show for a few weeks more.

See you next time.


Rose x


  1. I love pink yellow and white:) One of our garden benches..one leg rusted..I kept a rock under..when the next leg went..it was history:(Funny how we try to hang on to things we like so much to see in our gardens.

    1. I agree, I have enjoyed that old garden bench for many years. It feels such a shame to throw it away. My dad is hopeful that he can mend it, but I am afraid that I don't think it is possible because the leg almost fell off when we moved it.