Happy Ramblings: Santa sack reveal - I couldn't wait!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa sack reveal - I couldn't wait!

It is the night before Christmas Eve and I couldn't stop thinking about my Santa sack. I kept looking at it, but resisted the urge to peep inside for hours. But after an extremely busy day at work, and feeling sad about it being my final day today, I succumbed to the temptation of opening it.

Inside my Santa sack was a lovely selection of things that I had collected that put a smile on my face:

- A selection of Bennets chocolates, including reindeer noses, chocolate Christmas trees, 3 chocolate truffle Christmas puddings, and some delicious handmade chocolates.

- A large Scent 5 Pomegranate and orange candle.

- A Bonne Mere L'Occitane soap.

- A box of Belgian cherry liqueur chocolates.

- 2 heart soaps.

- 3 hand embroidered padded coat hangers.

- 4 Scent 5 pomegranate and orange scented tea candles in glass holders.

- L'Occitane lavander scented bubble bath

- L'Occitane peony scented soap

- A bag of chocolate coated cherries

- A lemon scented soap

- And last but not least a really big surprise, mum had snuck a lovely T-shirt into my Santa sack, all wrapped up nicely, without me knowing :) Mum is so sweet.

I am really happy now, especially after eating the chocolate coated popcorn reindeer noses while writing this!

I hope that you are enjoying yourself too. Do you still have a Santa sack for Christmas?

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Hugs Rose x

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