Happy Ramblings: Friday flower blues

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday flower blues

Last night the forecasted storm hit Auckland with a deluge of rain that filled up our water tank. The rain was much needed as our water tank level was running quite low and there is a 3 to 6 week wait for water to be delivered! The wind was so strong it shook the house and then the power went off.

It was quite comforting to be tucked up inside with my cats. No damage was done to the house, but my wildflower bed is flattened and there are no petals left on the coreopsis flowers. All is a mass of tangled stems. I will have to wait until the rain stops before I can have a closer look.

I cheered myself up by looking through some flower photos that I took midweek. The lovely cobalt blue hydrangeas are still intact, as are the agapanthus flowers.

It is surprising that none of our trees got damaged by the storm. We had most of the old and dying pine trees removed over a year ago because they were falling over by themselves and causing a lot of problems. We now have a lot of pine and gum tree saplings growing happily in their place.

I hope that the weather has been kinder to you!

With love

from Rose x

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