Happy Ramblings: Christmas dinner at my sister's

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas dinner at my sister's

We had another amazing Christmas feast at my sister's house this year. We started off nibbling on melon wrapped in prosciutto, pistachios and home made olives that my sister grew. Then we had smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, garlic prawns and mussels with a garlic aioli sauce. Yum!

This was followed by a mouth-wateringly delicious roast beef and a roast ham, served with a dish of asparagus topped with sliced snow peas, leeks and chopped boiled egg. A salad of potatoes, and new green beans and a roast pepper, cherry tomato and basil salad.

For dessert we had a lovely lemon syrup cake.

Plus a yummiest limoncello trifle. Both of which my sister's friend made

After the leisurely meal we sat in the sitting room and were served mini strawberry pavlovas, panforte, mini mince pies and Lindor chocolates while we opened our Christmas presents.

It was a really relaxed and pleasant day with lots of chatter and laughter.

I wish the same for you.

Lots of love this holiday season

Rose x

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