Happy Ramblings: A pleasant evening walk on our land

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A pleasant evening walk on our land

It was a lovely cool evening this evening, after a rather hot and humid day, so I decided to go for a walk around our land to cool down a bit. We live on 10 1/4 acres of land here in New Zealand and our house is in the middle of it, surrounded by fields and trees.

This is the view from the top of the land. The woodland in the distance is native New Zealand subtropical rainforest known as "bush".

I took the following 3 photos near to the house and they are part of the view that I look out on from my bedroom window.

The tall spiky trees are native New Zealand trees known as Cabbage trees. These trees seeded themselves here amongst our feijoa bushes (pineapple guava).

Our grapes have grown wild and happily ramble over the trees which keeps the blackbirds happy.

Fennel seeds itself everywhere, and the patch on the left has been kept for their flowers to attract the bees towards my vegetable patch.

On my walk I came across one of the many pukeko birds that live on our land eating a kumara (sweet potato).

Our pukekos are very cheeky and don't fly away from us. I have grown quite fond of them, though many people dislike them as they wreck gardens, especially vegetable patches, pulling out small plants to eat their roots.

We have a fence around our vegetable patch to keep both the pukekos and our cats out. Although the pukekos can fly they tend to walk most of the time.

I found that my artichokes have started flowering. They look beautiful, but I will need to pick them all to keep the plants strong for next years crop.

Below is another view that I can see from my bedroom. The pink roses have almost finished flowering now but they put on a glorious show in early Summer and the scent is heavenly.

As I am writing this it has gone dark outside and I feel refreshed and so much cooler after my walk. I think I will have a relaxing evening reading my book and cuddling my cats. Then do a bit of mindfulness meditation to wind down completely.

Until next time,

Rose x


  1. Wow!How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place.It sounds idyllic.Which part of the UK I are you from?Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you, I love it here :) I am from Cheadle Hulme in Cheshire.

  2. It's so beautiful.I love views and nature..quite the paradise and the photo of your artichokes in bloom is great!

    1. Hi Nana, thank you very much :) I love nature too and I never get tired of the view. Posting the photos on the blog lets me see everything through other people's eyes.