Happy Ramblings: Flowers in my garden today - Lots of smiles

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flowers in my garden today - Lots of smiles

I took a lovely long stroll in the garden with my camera this afternoon to see how my flowers are doing. It was surprising at how many flowers are blooming at the moment. The plants flowering today are dotted around here and there, along the drive and around the house, not en masse. My photography encouraged me to walk far and to look close.

The scent from the roses was delicious. I took my time breathing in deep breaths to take in the different floral smells as they wafted by. Then I became aware of the gentle buzzing of the bees as they hurried from one flower to the next, busily gathering their pollen. It was blissful, despite the wind and the grey clouds heavy with rain to come.

The flowers in the top collage of photos that I took are:
- yellow daylilies, Chinese forget-me-nots, soldier poppies
- lavatera, cotoneaster, pink carpet rose
- red bottle brush, nasturtioms, white and purple echiums

I don't mind the rain, we desperately need it, especially for my wildflower garden. I was hoping that by going out with my camera it would encourage the rain to fall, just like hanging out the washing does! Instead it remained dry, but the light was great for taking photos. It hopefully may rain tonight.

The flowers in the bottom collage of photos that I took are:
- sycamore helicopters, light pink carpet rose, white Wedding Bells carpet rose
- dark pink carpet rose, Californian poppy, feverfew
- white ivy-leaf pelargonium, lavender and erigeron

This morning I read a lovely book called "The Art of Hygge" by Johnny Jackson and Elias Larsen. It is about "how to bring Danish cosiness into your life." The word Hygge is Danish and encompasses feeling cosy, comfortable and at peace with the world. What a great way to live. Most of the ideas in the book are for the colder months, but I think they can be adapted and enjoyed all year round. I felt hyggelig during and after my walk in the garden :) I would like to think of some more Hygge things for the summer months.

I hope that your week will be full of Hygge :)

See you again soon.


Rose x